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10 Things New Parents Don’t Need to Waste Money On

Kids are expensive. Like, very, very expensive. But somehow, parents find a way to make it work — and then some. After all, we know much kids actually cost and why — and we’re aware of the amount of dollars spent to ensure their child is well taken care of can be a lot, whether it’s buying things they need or making purchases that they think are needed.

We have some advice for new parents — but it might not be heeded. There are some items that simply aren’t actually necessary — no matter what a new parent believes. Maybe it’s that pressure to get what all the other parents are getting, or perhaps the marketing on some products are just that effective. We get that some products are just too irresistible but here’s our advice for new parents: effective parenting does not mean you have to spend a ton of money. Hindsight is real, though. And once those good parenting skills are acquired, it’ll come. But until then, here are 10 things first-time parents should not waste their money on.

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