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10 Signs Your Child May be Spoiled (and What to do About It)

Can there be anything more frustrating than dealing with a spoiled child? Temper tantrums, demands and refusal to listen to basic requests are all signs you may have a spoiled child in your midst. Never forget, spoiled kids turn into adult people who have been conditioned to believe life is all about them. While its common for us to try and give our kids the very moon, it’s more important to teach them how to deal with failure, be patient, and have respect. That’s our job as parents. Here are 10 signs your child may be spoiled — and what you can do to turn that right around.

Please note that we understand that this list cannot always be applied to children living with disabilities such as learning disabilities or mental health issues, as well as children living with physical disabilities, small babies, or children suffering from trauma.

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