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Jax Taylor Takes the Sociopath Test

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Is Jax Taylor a sociopath? The waiter turned reality star has certainly shown a ruthless lack of compassion and a penchant for lying on Vanderpump Rules. But it wasn’t until he sat down for his co-star – and ex-girlfriend – Stassi to record a podcast that we started to believe his bad behaviour might be pathological.

On a recent episode of VPR, Jax was a guest on Stassi’s podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, and Stassi grilled him about everything from why men “cheat down” to how he became a “reformed bad boy” (IE: former douchebag). The best part, though, was when she gave him a Psychopath Test.

Spoiler alert: he didn’t pass.

She had him answer the following questions, rating each answer between one and five, with five being ‘totally agree.’

Here’s how it went down:

Success is based on survival of the fittest. I am not concerned about the losers.
Jax: I agree. A five. I totally agree.

I find myself in the same kind of trouble time after time.
Jax: Yes…I’m a sociopath. Sh-t.

I am often bored.
Yes. I’ll say a three. A three, four. I’m bored a lot. A four.

In today’s world, I feel justified in doing whatever I can get away with to succeed.
If you were talking to me five years ago, I’d say absolutely yes. I love to take the shortcut. 

There was a time when, hell yeah, I didn’t give a sh-t. As long as I got ahead, I didn’t care.

[Today, he rates himself a four.]

People who are stupid enough to get ripped off usually deserve it.
Yes. Five.

Love is overrated.
No, disagree. One! Completely disagree.

You fail to learn from experience. True or false?
True. I am such a sociopath, f-ck. I’m screwed.

Do you particularly care how others feel? Yes, not at all, or a little bit.
A little bit. That’s an honest choice.


You’ve just hurt someone’s feelings. How does that make you feel? Guilty, good, or I don’t care.
It depends on the person. That’s a hard question to answer. If it was someone I hated or someone I care about.

For instance, I hurt Tom Sandoval very bad. I didn’t care in the beginning, but after thinking about what I did, yes. It took about a year, but I felt bad. At that time, I didn’t care. I didn’t give a sh-t.

Are you aggressive or cool-headed?
[Jax doesn’t even have to think about this one] 
Aggressive…Oh my god. I’m, like, worse than a sociopath.

Are you generally an anxious person?
Yes. Very anxious, all the time.

Would you describe yourself as a social person?

How often do you tell lies or say insincere things?
Now? As of today? 2016? I don’t do that anymore.

[Stassi decides they should settle on “sometimes.”]

Do you have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking?

Have you ever been in love?

That’s it! Then they get back the answer and………… yeah. Jax is a sociopath.

It doesn’t take long for it to sink in. Jax is like: “Well, I kind of figured. I kind of knew.”

And so did we.

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