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How Much Being a Bridesmaid Can Actually Cost You in 2019

Being asked to be a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding is not only an honour but a big responsibility. And let’s face it, weddings are expensive affairs so with the excitement comes plenty of expenses.

Jodi Gagné, wedding planner and founder of Simply Perfect, puts it, well, simply. “It’s not inexpensive to be in a wedding. And there are some brides that completely recognize that and sometimes they actually choose who they’re going to have stand up with them depending on their financial status — because they don’t want to put that kind of strain or pressure on their friend if they can’t afford it.”

Yikes. That’s said, it’s one of those things where a candid conversation is required and hopefully it works out for everyone. “Sometimes it’s not just about the numbers, it’s just knowing what the expectations are,” she adds.

Gagné points out that unless bridesmaids are really on top of their budget, they probably won’t even realize the amount of money they’re spending and spreading out over the average year, year and a a half leading up to the big day. “It’s a lot easier to manage, will probably go undetected and not hurt the wallet as much.”

The cost of being a bridesmaid is shocking, to say the least, but breaking it down helps it all seem a little more manageable. Besides, can you really put a price tag on friendship?

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