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How Much a Zoom Wedding Actually Costs in Canada

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Weddings are becoming more laidback and modern and, thanks to technology (and the pandemic), people are starting to get married from the comfort of their living rooms. With lockdown restrictions keeping family and friends apart, more couples are turning to Zoom to include loved ones on their special day.

While streaming your intimate ceremony may seem like an affordable option — especially if you don’t have the wedding budget of your dreams — the cost of a Zoom wedding can vary. We break down all the options to help you plan for your virtual ceremony.

A breakdown of Zoom prices

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Although you’ll save money on a venue, having hundreds of people stream your wedding won’t be free. There are a few different price options you can go for, depending on how many people will attend your wedding and any extra digital features you feel are essential.

With a basic Zoom account, you pay nothing, but you only get 40 minutes of screen time. If you’re planning on having a quick ceremony with no celebration after, this option might work for you. If you’re inviting less than 100 guests, this could also work.

With Zoom Pro, you pay $200 for a whole year. This includes social media streaming and you get 1 GB of cloud recording. You can have up to 500 guests if you’re willing to pay a large meeting add-on fee of $67 per month, or you can have up to 1,000 people by paying an extra $120. This option makes sense if you’re someone who wants to have lots of people and want to save the recording to rewatch and share.

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Go with paperless invitations

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Zoom wedding etiquette is pretty relaxed, so invitations can definitely be sent via email to your guests. Depending on which service you use to send them and how many people you invite, the prices will vary, ranging from anywhere between $15 to $80.  Try using Paperless Post or Evite to let your friends and family know all the details. You can customize your invites with personal photos or upload your own designs to giver it a special touch.

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Budget-friendly filming equipment

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You can easily stream your ceremony on your laptop or phone, but you might want to consider investing in a tripod if you’re going with the latter for stability and different angles.

This one by Bowers is only $35 and has six different configurations along with a Bluetooth remote for your phone’s camera shutter. Be sure to test it out beforehand to make sure everything is working before the big day.

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Decorate with flowers

Man in a suit holding a bouquet

To make your room look bright and beautiful on camera, think about placing an order for some pretty florals. Take the money you would have spent on bouquets for your bridesmaids and instead try a cool centrepiece for your table, or a custom arrangement to be featured behind you and your partner while you exchange vows.

The average cost of a florist is $3,000, but since you’re having a small ceremony at home, the price could be around of a few hundred depending on how many blossoms you want and which type is in season.

How to save on your wedding dress

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If you want to wear a fancy gown or suit, rock what you want to wear on your special day. While bridalwear is typically around $2,000 on average, if you’re getting married via Zoom you might want something more casual and affordable. If you already own a white outfit, you can always add some accessories to make it wedding-ready. You can also research more budget-friendly options from your favourite stores or even Amazon.

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