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Get the Grunge Look with Trop Belle’s 19 Product Picks

Trop Belle showing her final grunge look

Wonder how to get that ‘90s grunge look without looking like a try-hard? Follow Trop Belle’s detailed step-by-step guide with her go-to products.

Bottle of Milk makeup hydro grip primser

Primer is prime 

We swear by this step. Prime your skin before layering any other product on. 

Milk Makeup hydro grip primer, $40 



Fenty beauty brow MVP ultra fine brow pencil

Refine that brow

Accentuate the number one feature that frames your face. 

Fenty Beauty brow MVP ultra fine brow pencil & styler in Soft Black, $26



Too faced multi use sculpting concealer

Set a clean workspace

Make those brows pop even more by covering up any needed areas around your brows.

Too Faced sculpting concealer shade in warm beige, $39


P Louise academy eye primer base

Prime your peepers

Remember to prep your lids as much as your face. 

Louise Academy eye primer base in #2, £10.00 


Juvia warrior II eyeshadow palette

Go bold, dark and heavy with your eyes

Start with the right colour options. 

Juvias place The Warrior ll eyeshadow palette, $20


Fenty beauty flyliner

Accentuate those lines

Line your eyes to make your eyes look bigger and fuller. 

Fenty Beauty flyliner shade in cuz I’m black, $29


Huda beauty body highlight

Play with light with this highlighter

Use this all-over body highlighter on your face to give it a bright, luminous sheen. 

Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H body highlight in Aphrodite, $62


The BYL cosmetics lashes in Queen

Layer those lashes 

Easily, one of the most impactful ways your can add drama to your face. Add big, lush, fluffy lashes. 

The byl lcosmetics lashes style in Queen,  $10



NARS natural radiant long wear foundation

Work in the foundation

Add and blend the foundation evenly with a sponge applicator. 

NARS cosmetics foundation natural radiant longwear foundation in Tahoe, $63 


Too Faced multi use sculpting concealer

Correct any problem spots

Use this sculpting concealer to fix any trouble spots, and to highlight key areas. 

Too Faced sculpting concealer warm beige to highlight shade in Warm Beige, $39


Milk makeup translucent light setting powder

Set it and forget it 

Lightly set under your eyes with this setting powder.

Milk Makeup ‘translucent light’ setting powder,  $38


Mac cosmetics studio fix powder

Continue building that base

Add this studio fix powder to smooth everything out. 

Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder in C6, $38


Marc Jacobs omega bronzer

Add contour and define your bone structure

Start adding some definition to your cheekbones and other key areas.

Marc Jacobs beauty O!Mega bronzer coconut perfect in Tantalize, $45


Mac cosmetics blush

Warm up your cheeks

Bring back some of that warmth and colour to your face. 

Mac Cosmetics blush shade in Modern Mandarin, $22


Fenty beauty what it dew refreshing spray

Spray it all over

Use the What It Dew makeup refreshing spray, before moving on to the next step. 

Fenty Beauty what it dew makeup refreshing spray, $40 


Marc Jacobs beauty omega glaze all over foil luminizer

Add more shimmer and shine

On a few key spots, add a bit of this highlighter.

Marc Jacobs beauty O!Mega glaze all-over foil luminizer in 82 Jet Girl, $24


La Neige lip sleeping mask

Prime your pout 


Before adding colour, do this critical step.

La Neige lip sleeping mask to prime lips, $26 


Too Faced melted matte liquid lipstick

Add a dark, dramatic shade to your pout 

Layer and line your lips with this liquid lipstick.

Too Faced melted matte liquid lipstick in Drop Dead Red, $29

Urban Decay cosmetics all nighter setting spray

Set it and forget it

Spray for this final step so your makeup lasts as long as you do. 

Urban Decay Cosmetics All Nighter setting spray, $42 


Senita Rodrigues is a skilled, self-taught makeup artist with 10 years of industry experience. driven by her tenacious passion for makeup, Senita was guided to move from Guyana to Toronto to take her career to the next level. This devoted mother of two has built a reputable name for herself that speaks to her confidence, expertise and enthusiasm in helping clients feel beautiful from the inside out. Awarded Best Makeup Artist in Canada in 2017, Senita is ready to share her expertise with other training professionals. She is inspired to deliver a luxurious experience for her clients, using only high-quality makeup brands that she genuinely believes in. Fuelled by her creative spirit and innovation within the industry, Senita continues to make big moves as she lives out her dream of being a leading Toronto makeup artist.

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