When it comes to planning for an outdoor wedding there are all sorts of extra things to take into consideration. Lucky for us, wedding planners Pamela Kelly and Maria Badian share these useful tips:

PK: When renting pieces from stemware to seats always look at the damage deposit it can range from as little as $50 to as high $500. Despite the best intentions accidents happen and are even more likely to happen outdoors.

PK: Incorporate nature into your theme. Being outside can often evoke memories of childhood, draw on this by leaving fancy bubble making kits on the tables, it's fun for kids and looks great in photos!

PK: Consider making you're parting gift something that can be used the day of the event, such as hand held fans or parasols.

PK: Let your guests know the reception is being held outdoors. Giving your guests this advance notice they can come prepared with hats and sunglasses instead of clustering in the shade.

MB: Set up a seperate tent for catering. Your catering company should know how to keep the food fresh either chilled or warm and be able to transport it from the prep arear to the serving stations with ease.

MB: Make sure you have outdoor facilities for your guest. You can get something stylish and practical that won't be an embarassment looking back.

MB: Make your guests feel special. Have a red carpet running through the grass or sand with wood underneath this will prevent high heel stilettos from sinking into the ground.



PK: Leave your cake outside in the sun. Icing is one of the most beautiful foods, and can also be one of the messiest.  Fondant sweats, and butter cream melts.  Keep your cake chilled until it's time to serve.

MB: Forget to prep the ground!If you’re going to have an outdoor dance floor, make sure the flooring is set down the morning of the wedding in case it rains the night before and the ground is wet or becomes flooded

MB: Let the bugs ruin your night. A small outdoor wedding can be made a little more rustic with hanging citronella candles, or eclectic tiki torches.

Despite the most precise planning it is always necessary to have a back up plan. Remember on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood when Tori was planning her BFF Brandy's wedding? They were  adamant about having it outdoors and didn't have a back up plan-- of course that's when the clouds started to roll in and Tori had to do some quick thinking! Whether you decide to get a tent with flaps or secure a venue near by, be sure to have a weatherproof option and keep calm and carry on.

Pamela Kelly is the creator of the howimarriedmyhusband blog, owner and executive planner for plansbypamela and above all else a hopeless romantic!

Maria Corazon Badian is a WPIC certified planner, owner of Envision Elegance event planning and creator of the envisionelegance blog. With a background in psychology Maria will help you not only get what you want but help you figure it all out too!


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