Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules
  • Lisa Vanderpump
    Lisa Vanderpump
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    After the successful debut of TomTom with partners Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz last summer, Lisa Vanderpump is busier than ever with her expanding empire. With opening the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas and TomTom in under a year, the restaurateur has her hands full, and when a devastating personal loss rocks her summer, Lisa struggles to put on a brave face for the ones she loves most. In order to cope, she forges ahead with her work, as well as serving as a mother figure to her current and former staff. With many of her longtime employees growing up and moving on, Lisa finds herself dealing with a new crop of wild and lovable SURvers—and the romantic dramas and workplace skirmishes that come along with them. Close
  • Ariana Madix
    Ariana Madix
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    Despite moving into the perfect new house with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval and working on their cocktail book, Ariana struggles to celebrate her successes. After a major scandal forces her to lose trust in her friends, she finds an unexpected confidante and mentor in former boss Lisa Vanderpump. Close
  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy
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    A year after losing his beloved job at SUR, James Kennedy continues to party his way through life. Estranged from Lisa Vanderpump and his former friends due to his partying, he plays house with girlfriend Raquel Leviss by day and DJs at a different club every night. When he sends a string of venomous text messages after a night out, Raquel issues him an ultimatum that forces James to confront his demons or risk losing it all. Close
  • Jax Taylor
    Jax Taylor
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    Love and commitment are in the air for former playboy Jax Taylor, who finally plans to retire his bachelor lifestyle by marrying longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright in a lavish Kentucky ceremony. But while Brittany is focused on nesting in their gorgeous new Valley Village home and throwing the perfect fairy tale wedding, Jax’s behavior and unrealistic expectations threaten to cause irreparable damage to their friendships as the big day draws nearer. And with his 40th birthday on the horizon, the pressures of growing older will bring to light a side of Jax he hoped to leave behind. Close
  • Kristen Doute
    Kristen Doute
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    Despite her wild child reputation, Kristen Doute is succeeding on almost all fronts: her t-shirt line is more popular than ever, she started a thriving wine business with her two best friends, and she even bought her first house. The only complication is her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, whose continued presence in her life (and in her house) raises questions and concerns amongst her friends. Struggling to end her relationship, Kristen’s behavior becomes so erratic that it may cause her to lose what she values most—her friendships with Katie and Stassi. Close
  • Katie Maloney
    Katie Maloney
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    After working at SUR for nearly a decade, Katie Maloney-Schwartz has left her serving job behind and now spends her days nesting in the gorgeous new house she shares with husband Tom Schwartz. But Katie is forced to do damage control when a secret comes out about the nature of their marriage, prompting the couple to make new plans for the future. And when a bitter feud erupts between the Witches of WeHo, forcing Katie out of her utopian state, she considers ending her friendship with Kristen for good. Close
  • Lala Kent
    Lala Kent
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    Having left her hostess job at SUR, Lala Kent spends her days making music, working on her sobriety, and planning an elaborate home renovation as she prepares to move in with her fiancé. Finally, having all she’s ever wanted—a solid friend group and a loving relationship – Lala is living in bliss. So, when her former best friend James expresses a desire to get help with his own drinking, Lala must decide whether she’s ready to let him back into her life, or if their friendship is just too broken to mend. Close
  • Scheana Shay
    Scheana Shay
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    After a rough few years in the romance department, Scheana Shay has finally learned to put herself first and enjoy the perks that come with being single. Without the pressure of a new relationship, she’s happily freezing her eggs so she can have children on her own time. Everything seems to be on track for the newest queen bee of SUR, but when new waitress, Dayna Kathan, hooks up with TomTom’s general manager Max Boyrens – who also happens to be Scheana’s ex-love interest – Scheana quickly adds her to her hit list. Close
  • Stassi Schroeder
    Stassi Schroeder
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    Now a bestselling author, whose relationship with boyfriend Beau Clark seems poised to ascend to the next level, Stassi Schroeder seems to have life all figured out. However, her friendship with Kristen is at a standstill. When Kristen’s turbulent romance becomes too much, Stassi, and Katie must decide whether their love for Kristen is unconditional, or if growing up means finally leaving the Witches of WeHo behind. Close
  • Tom Sandoval
    Tom Sandoval
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    With a prosperous year at TomTom under his belt, Tom Sandoval is now a bonafide success story. As part-owner of the “Best Bar in Los Angeles,” he throws himself with gusto into his managerial role alongside partner Tom Schwartz, despite the rising tensions caused by their radically different leadership styles. Tom is put to the test as Jax’s best man when he plans an epic joint bachelor-bachelorette trip to Miami. But their relationship is tested when Jax forces him to jump through hoops and Tom must decide what is most important: friendships or principles. Close
  • Tom Schwartz
    Tom Schwartz
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    Happy with his role as Tom #2, Tom Schwartz has always played the mediator during Jax and Tom Sandoval’s various fights, but nothing compares to the tension between the pair leading up to Jax and Brittany’s wedding. When an unexpected scandal causes Jax to question Sandoval’s loyalty, Schwartz may finally be forced to choose a side between his two best friends. Close
  • Brittany Cartwright
    Brittany Cartwright
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    After getting engaged to Jax last season, Brittany is flying high toward the princess wedding of her dreams. But her decision to ignore all shreds of Jax’s past comes back to haunt her when a surprise at her Miami bachelorette party sends her spiraling. And when an unexpected crisis arises just two weeks before her wedding, Brittany must make choice that threatens her relationships with her bridal party Close
  • Brett Caprioni
    Brett Caprioni
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    New Jersey native and SUR’s newest male server, Brett Caprioni recently moved to LA after a devastating breakup. Brett immediately catches the eye of the flirtatious Scheana Shay, whose insistence that their relationship remain platonic fools absolutely no one. Brett considers Max one of his closest friends in LA, but that’s but that’s all put on the line when he expresses interest in Max’s former fling, Dayna. Close
  • Danica Dow
    Danica Dow
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    As the youngest assistant manager in SUR history, Danica Dow finds it difficult to separate her personal life from her work life—especially since she works with all of her friends and ex-boyfriend. She’s also the only woman who sees past the charms of Max Boyens, TomTom’s general manager and resident playboy. When Max starts dating Dayna Kathan, Danica divulges information from his past that threatens his new relationship and puts Lisa’s two managers at odds. Close
  • Dayna Kathan
    Dayna Kathan
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    A sassy aspiring stand-up comedian, Dayna Kathan is SUR’s newest waitress-in-training. But everything changes when she falls for Max Boyens, TomTom’s general manager and Scheana’s ex-love interest. When the rumor mill swirls about Max’s extracurricular activities, Dayna must decide whether to give him a chance or move onto greener pastures with her close friend and SURver, Brett Caprioni. Close
  • Raquel Leviss
    Raquel Leviss
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    Beautiful and sweet Raquel Leviss has always had a hard time sticking up for herself —especially when it comes to her boyfriend, James Kennedy. But Raquel finds her own voice and identity as she starts working at SUR, and when James sends her a string of vicious texts, Raquel finally takes a stand and delivers an ultimatum that will change the course of their relationship forever. Close
  • Max Boyens
    Max Boyens
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    As TomTom’s charming general manager, Max Boyens is living his best life. He shares a close friendship with bosses Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval and enjoys the hard-earned trust of owner Lisa Vanderpump. He also has a wildly active dating life that is governed by only one rule: never date an employee. That is until Dayna Kathan arrives. When Max decides to break his rule for the beautiful, whip-smart hostess, the SUR rumor mill dredges up secrets from his past that threaten his reputation. Close
  • Beau Clark
    Beau Clark
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    A year after capturing Stassi’s heart, Beau Clark is preparing to take their romance to the next level by proposing marriage. But when his attempts to keep his plan a secret make Stassi start to doubt his feelings for her, Beau is forced to deal with the wrath of a “dark passenger” that he hoped had disappeared for good. And as the fighting between Stassi, Katie, and Kristen intensifies, Beau must draw boundaries in his longstanding friendship with Kristen for the sake of preserving his relationship with Stassi. Close
  • Charli Burnett
    Charli Burnett
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    An aspiring model and actress, Charli Burnett splits her time between waitressing at SUR and working as a Hollywood bottle service girl. Coined by, Scheana Shay as her mini-me, Charli is fitting in perfectly until her beauty and quirkiness attracts the attention of SUR’s hottest new server, Brett Caprioni, leaving Charli on the opposite end of Scheana’s jealous streak. Close