Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules
  • Lisa Vanderpump
    Lisa Vanderpump
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    Life never slows down for wildly successful businesswoman, philanthropist and restaurateur, Lisa Vanderpump. Adding to three successful Los Angeles based restaurants, SUR, PUMP and Villa Blanca, Lisa and her husband Ken are hard at work on a new concept with their junior business partners, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. Despite her never-ending workload, Lisa finds time to serve as a spokesperson for GLAAD and recently founded the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which works to ensure humane treatment for dogs around the world. Lisa also acts as a mother figure and voice of reason to her wild and unpredictable staff, who often count on her expertise to help navigate their messy lives. Close
  • Ariana Madix
    Ariana Madix
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    While her boyfriend Tom moves forward in his career, Ariana struggles as her old insecurities and self-confidence issues resurface. Despite the support of friends Scheana and Lala, Ariana's tension with Stassi, Katie and Kristen continues to mount when they question the character of someone she loves. Ariana wants nothing more than to keep her distance, but since Katie is married to Tom's business partner, Ariana is forced either to put her own anger and feelings aside or risk destroying her boyfriend's business relationship. Close
  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy
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    James's steadily growing music career has him recording and performing more than ever, but what he wants most is to get back in Lisa Vanderpump's good graces and reclaim his DJ job at SUR. Lisa isn't the only one who sees a new side of James – suddenly even James's big detractor Jax is including him on guys' nights and vacations. But as James works himself back into SUR and a new friend group, his temper and venom return. James's verbal eruptions may cost him the friendship of his closest confidant, Lala Kent, and a pair of scandalous rumors may cost him his beloved girlfriend Raquel. Close
  • Jax Taylor
    Jax Taylor
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    Jax Taylor seems to have everything going for him – he and his beautiful girlfriend, Brittany, are celebrating their second anniversary, he's got a steady job, and he's just moved into a new apartment down the hall from his close friend, Tom Schwartz. But trying to suppress his playboy tendencies weighs heavily on the shoulders of the longtime bartender, and anxiety over his upcoming 38th birthday cause him to lash out to the people he loves most. Jax is willing to try anything to control his anger – therapy, meditation and even reiki – but as his outbursts grow more frequent and destructive, Jax faces the very real prospect of permanently losing his friends, his relationship, and his career. Close
  • Kristen Doute
    Kristen Doute
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    Kristen has always put herself straight in the middle of other people's trouble, and this year there's plenty of trouble to pick from. Kristen's biggest target is Jax Taylor – she believes he's not nearly good enough for her friend Brittany and makes it her mission to break them up. But the group suspects that Kristen's obsession in everyone else's romances might be a cover for her own relationship woes after stories emerge about a drunken night in Mexico. Close
  • Katie Maloney
    Katie Maloney
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    With the emotional turmoil of her wedding summer in the rearview mirror, Katie moves forward as a lighter, brighter and happier version of herself. However, when Scheana is involved in the uncovering of a hurtful secret, Katie unleashes a secret of her own in retaliation. Katie wants to mend her relationships at SUR and bury any old grudges, despite Scheana's insistence that Katie is still up to her spiteful and hurtful ways. Close
  • Lala Kent
    Lala Kent
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    Former outcast Lala Kent is still the most fabulous restaurant hostess in West Hollywood: she flies on private jets, drives a fancy Range Rover, and has a collection of Louboutins to rival Lisa Vanderpump. When Lala manages to get her job back at SUR, she takes a different approach this time around – she comes clean that her lifestyle does not come from hostess tips. Lala's newfound honesty draws in the same people who once tried to push her out of SUR, and Lala finds herself not only getting along with everyone but in the unexpected role of peacemaker between Katie and Scheana. And when Lala feels the guys in the group are getting away with murder, she leads the charge to hold men accountable for their actions and band the women together. Close
  • Scheana Shay
    Scheana Shay
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    Fresh on the heels of a painful divorce, Scheana takes control of the next phase of her life by cutting Katie and Stassi out of it. Scheana even embarks on a new romance with an old flame who she feels certain is "the one," ignoring everyone's warnings that it's too soon to be talking about houses, marriage and baby names. When rumors circulate about her new obsession, Scheana is forced to defend her new man from the people she desperately wants to leave behind. Close
  • Stassi Schroeder
    Stassi Schroeder
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    Now that her relationship with Lisa is finally on the mend, Stassi makes a surprising return to SUR when she takes a job as the new event planner – despite the protests of her jealous former coworkers. Stassi also decides to give ex-boyfriend Patrick yet another chance despite years of breaking and making up, but is worried that their old problems may resurface again. And as Stassi's bond with her new friend Brittany deepens, it puts her further in conflict with Brittany's boyfriend and Stassi's ex, Jax. Close
  • Tom Sandoval
    Tom Sandoval
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    Tom Sandoval finds himself playing with the big boys when he and Schwartz partner with Lisa and Ken on their next restaurant venture, but when Tom questions Lisa's authority and pushes too hard to add his own creative spin, Sandoval risks blowing the entire opportunity for not only himself, but his best friend. As he endeavors to prove his worth on the career front, Tom must also deal with new problems with Ariana as the couple faces intimacy issues and one of the biggest fights of their relationship. Close
  • Tom Schwartz
    Tom Schwartz
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    Despite the fact that his relationship with Katie is the strongest it has ever been, Tom Schwartz's tendency for irresponsible partying threatens his marriage. When Lisa learns of Schwartz coming up short as a husband, she worries he'll come up short as a partner and questions whether she wants to be in business with him at all. In order to keep his life, business and marriage on track, Tom must give up the habits of his old bachelor life – which isn't easy when Jax Taylor is always right down the hall to tempt him. Close
  • Brittany Cartwright
    Brittany Cartwright
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    Kentucky sweetheart Brittany Cartwright is finally settling into Los Angeles. Not only is she prized for her strong work ethic at SUR, she has also built a strong bond with the girls in the group. When Brittany and Jax hit a rough patch, she dedicates herself to becoming the best girlfriend she can be in an attempt to mend their relationship. As her friends and family rally around her, Brittany slowly learns that there are a multitude of options—both romantically and otherwise—for a pretty Kentucky girl in the big city of L.A. Close