Unusually Thicke

Unusually Thicke
  • Alan Thicke
    Alan Thicke

    Alan Thicke might not answer to the name Jason Seaver anymore, but his seven-year run as the father on Growing Pains has cemented his place in Hollywood's Cool Dad Hall of Fame. And being Dr. Seaver has its perks: Alan's walls are covered with pictures of co-worker celebrities, and he's still in high demand, acting in hit shows like How I Met Your Mother and LA Complex (and gaining legions of new fans while he's at it!) 

    Alan remains the busy patriarch of his own eclectic family, a unit that will grow by at least one more if his (much younger) wife, Tanya, has her way. He evens puts his ol' Seaver skills to use when he's counselling young Canadians who are desperate to make it in L.A., or dealing with the teenage antics of his youngest son, Carter. 

    Alan also has two sons "from a previous litigation," in Robin the rock star and Brennan the cannabis politician, both of whom will occasionally lend a voice to the Unusually Thicke proceedings. 

    One thing that will never change for Alan is being a proud Canuck. From hosting the Canadian Screen Awards to running celebrity hockey tournaments, Alan's always ready to let his maple leaf shine. 

  • Tanya Thicke
    Tanya Thicke

    Everything Tanya does, she does passionately, a quality welcomed by her husband on their daily "alone times" in the Tanya-designed boudoir. There is no in between for Tanya. It's all in or all out, even if that often puts Alan between a rock and a hard place with business, travel, and family. Tanya wears her heart, her emotions and her every opinion on her sleeve, but it all comes from love. As she says, if she didn't love you she wouldn't bother getting mad at all. 

    Tanya's first priority is Alan and his 16-year-old son. Carter was only a year old when Tanya came into the picture and the two of them have a special bond. Alan admits Carter probably shares more with Tanya than with him, and Carter is the first to come to Tanya's defense after a family spat. Being a good mom is important to Tanya and so is having a baby of her own. She's been on Alan's case since they got married and now she's putting her foot down. Can she convince Alan to reverse his vasectomy? Nothing is more important to Tanya then the nuclear family she's built with Alan and Carter, except maybe having another baby of her own!

  • Carter Thicke
    Carter Thicke

    To Carter, Alan Thicke isn't a celebrity he's just "Dad." And like most teenage boys, Carter would gladly blow off plans with his parents to hang out with his friends. He's more concerned with getting his driver's permit and acing his SATs. 

    But Carter does know how and when to make use of the perks of a famous last name, even if flexing his 'Thicke' muscle gets him in trouble from time to time. Whether it's promising his school that his rock star older brother Robin will play at the dance (without checking with him first!), to using an appearance by Alan to impress the parents of a prospective date. At the end of the day Carter is smart, witty and fully aware that he doesn't live an average life. Carter's best friends are like surrogate sons for Tanya and Alan. They practically live at Carter's place….especially when Tanya's ex-Playmate friends come over for a cocktail.