WestJet's Father's Day Surprise

You've got to hand it to WestJet, they really know how to use social media. And tug at the heartstrings.

Back in December the airline performed a Christmas miracle. They asked departing customers what they wanted for Christmas. When the travellers arrived at their destination, their presents were waiting. That video has had more than 36,000,000 views on YouTube.

And they're at it again. This time for Father's Day.

In the new video, WestJet teams up with Ronald McDonald House to surprise one father in particular.

Marc Grimard lives and works in Saskatoon. But his wife and four-year-old son Joel are in Edmonton where Joel is undergoing treatment for a congenital heart condition.

So WestJet arranged for Marc to get five days off work (WestJet employee Medel Villena filled in for him). Then they flew Marc and his other son Mathieu, 7, to Edmonton.

The video documents the whole plan and ends with a emotional family reunion at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton.

What has the reaction been like? Very positive:

WestJet has pledged to bring more Ronald McDonald House families together with every 100,000 views the Father's Day video receives.

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Doug MurrayDoug Murray is a journalist and traveller. Based in Vancouver, he's been to more than 50 countries and lived in West Africa, Mexico and Guatemala. Over the past decade, Doug has written for all of Canada's major media outlets (Global, CTV, CBC) and dozens of international publications on a variety of topics including travel, business and daily news. Follow him on Twitter @borderfilms

Image credit: WestJet.