Get your Kleenex ready because this one had me all teary-eyed.

A funny thing happens around the holidays. While in one ear you tend to hear the mad stories of people getting in fights and being tasered during Black Friday, there also seems to be a few really great stories of people doing totally thoughtful and selfless things.

Knowing that travelling can be stressful, especially around the holidays, WestJet recently surprised a bunch of passengers travelling between Calgary and Toronto by setting up a 'make a wish' Santa booth in the departure lounge where each person could tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. Some aimed high with TVs, cameras and tablets while others kept things simple with socks and underwear. Unknown to the passengers, their answers were being recorded and WestJet employees were sent out to purchase their wishes. When they arrived in Toronto, gifts poured down the conveyor belt labeled with each person's name before the big guy himself came out to wish everyone happy travels.

It's pretty incredible to watch!

WestJet is known for being a playful company - remember that April Fool's video about child-free cabins? Even if this was just a really great marketing ploy, it still managed to move me.

Tell us, what did you think of WestJet's Christmas miracle? Does it make you want to travel more with the company? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts.