Unruly Airline Passenger Restrained By Fellow Passengers

Ever been on a flight with an unruly passenger and wished you could do something about it? That's exactly what happened earlier this week on a Siberia Airlines flight.

According to ABC 7 Los Angeles, an allegedly inebriated passenger on a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok, Russia was causing so much ruckus that he was tied up with seat belts and packing tape.

It all began when the man starting harassing and threatening flight attendants on Siberia Airlines Flight 546.

The abuse continued with the man showing no sign that he was going to stop. Disgusted with what was happening, several of his fellow passengers decided enough was enough and leapt to the flight attendants' defence.

Unruly Airline Passenger Restrained By Fellow Passengers

These passengers had had enough

They began punching and kicking their the man, knocking him to the ground. To make sure that he got the point, the passengers (mostly burly men) tied up the unruly traveller in seat belts and packing tape, and left him lying in the aisle for the rest of the flight.

You can see video of the incident here:

Upon arrival, the man, thought to be about 30, was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Police spokeswoman Ekaterina Tarasova confirmed to the Daily Mail that there had been an incident on board a flight jointly operated between Siberia (S7) and Cathay Pacific airlines.

"The plane arrived on time in Vladivostok, so the incident did not cause any delay," she said.

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Image credit: Vostok Media, YouTube.