As travelers are painfully aware, most airlines have never met a fee they didn't like. And we're here to report that this trend has just kicked into overdrive.

Time magazine has confirmed several companies, including American Airlines, British Airways, and Star Alliance have implemented a new baggage fee. Here's the rub: passengers will now be charged twice if they're connecting to another flight.

So let's take a second to unpack this. Say you're traveling from Vancouver to London, England. You pay your standard baggage fee (most are between $25 and $50), which many folks believe is rather gouge-y to begin with. Because it's a heck of a long flight, your ticket requires you to make a connection in Toronto on another airline. So guess what? You're boarding a separate plane, which means a whole 'nother checked baggage fee.

Pretty bad, right? Well, it gets even worse. Some airlines will now force passengers to collect their checked bags before a connecting flight, then re-check them prior to boarding the second plane. Imagine attempting this when you've got a 45-minute layover. Fun!

An intriguing decision for an industry that netted $26 billion last year, no?

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