Few things strike terror in the hearts of travelers quite like bedbugs. They're the Keith Richards of the insect world: rugged as heck and incapable of being destroyed. And just like him, they've made their presence known in countless hotel rooms across the world.

Okay, this analogy isn't particularly fair to Keith, who's an all-around good bloke. But yeah, bedbugs are tough little sons of guns, and hotel rooms are where they shine like near-microscopic rock stars. And once they get on your stuff (or worse, on you), it can be a real nightmare scenario.

Fortunately, Jim Dill, Extension Educator at The University of Maine, has some handy tips to avoid this potential minefield. (Tip #1: keep your suitcase off the bed!) Check out his video for a crash course in outwitting these toothy little scoundrels. Then simply kick back, sleep tight, and don't let the you-know-whats bite.

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