Vladimir Tatarenko has a groundbreaking idea on his hands. After years working on a way to improve air travel safety, the Ukrainian aviation engineer is finally ready to share his design with the world.

The gist: a passenger cabin that detaches from the aircraft in case of an emergency. Yes, detaches. From the engine, the wings, and the cockpit. And once released, it deploys a pair of massive parachutes, allowing a smooth -- and safe -- descent to the ground below. Pretty revolutionary, right? As an added bonus, the cabin includes plenty of storage space, meaning your luggage comes along for the ride.

“Surviving in a plane crash is possible," Tatarenko explains to LiveLeak. "While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.”

The good news: Tatarenko has received a patent on the escape capsule system. The somewhat frustrating news: commercial airlines have yet to show much enthusiasm. (Turns out they're not thrilled about the hefty overhead.) Maybe their tune will change over time. Until then, take a look at Tatarenko's highly-impressive demonstration video.

Image credit: Владимир Татаренко/YouTube

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