Til Debt Do Us Part

Til Debt Do Us Part

Episode Description


Melanie, a single mom who conceived via donor insemination, is raising her son on a maternity leave income. Melanie loves her new baby, but she also loves her sports car, her motorcycle, her vacations and her almost daily takeout meals.  Melanie didn’t crunch the numbers before going on maternity leave, and is now horrified to learn that her current income doesn’t even cover her mortgage and car payments. Melanie’s impulse spending, on her baby and on herself, has her on the road to ruin.

Melanie wants to stay home with her son more than anything, and Gail Vaz-Oxlade gives it to her straight: unless Melanie makes some drastic financial and lifestyle changes, she’ll have to go back to work early just to stay afloat. Melanie has to decide what’s more important: her son… or her sports car?

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