Til Debt Do Us Part

Til Debt Do Us Part

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Courtney & Chad “The Trouble with Twins”

Courtney & Chad "The Trouble with Twins"
When Courtney and Chad had beautiful twin girls, they weren't ready for the not-so-beautiful reality of incurring double the costs to provide for their children. By the end of Courtney’s maternity leave, they're facing almost $70,000 in debt. Between Courtney's penchant for adorable baby clothes and Chad's smoking habit, and without an emergency fund to cover unexpected costs, their financial future is looking grim.

It’s up to Gail Vaz-Oxlade to help these two to break their bad habits so the twins won't have to grow up doing without. If Courtney and Chad are up for the challenge, they could earn up to $5,000 to put toward their family's future. If they aren't, their hopes and dreams for the twins could go up in smoke.

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