With the series premiere just under a week away, we have a little sneak peek for all the Housewives fans who are itching to know more about the ladies of The Real Housewives of Toronto.

Here's your first look at Toronto's Housewives in their cut-away scenes, and the taglines you'll be hearing this season. (For the actual intro sequence, you're going to have to tune in!)

Ann: Why be a gold digger, when you can own the mine

Joan: I didn't believe in fairytales, until I found myself living one

Grego: My life is a party and the world is my dancefloor

Kara: Money makes you well-known, but your character makes you worth knowing

Jana: You gotta be in great shape if you want to climb to the top

Roxy: Some people love me, some people hate me, but nobody forgets me


Tune in to The Real Housewives of Toronto Tuesdays at 10pm ET to see the ladies in action!