Another year of RHOC, another Brooks Ayers scandal.

Since he first turned up on The Real Housewives of Orange County as Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks has been mixed up in a parade of scandals, from allegations of cheating to criminal charges.

The latest allegation: he's faking cancer. Brooks and Vicki have slammed the other Housewives for suggesting Brooks doesn't have cancer, but given his checkered past, it's no surprise the other cast members have lingering questions.

So, who is Brooks Ayers? Here's what we know about him, the scandals he's been involved in and his relationship with Vicki.

brooks basics

The Basics

Brooks is from Tupelo, Mississippi and was living in the state until he moved to Orange County to be closer to Vicki. The two met at an insurance conference back in 2007 when Vicki was still with her ex-husband, Donn.

Brooks has three children from a previous marriage and a three-year-old son with an ex-girlfriend. He has a long distance relationship with all of his children, who live in Mississippi and Indiana.

brooks past relationships

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His Past Relationships

Before Vicki, Brooks was in a 20-year marriage to a woman named Amy who he divorced in 2007, according to Radar Online.

Brooks also had a child with a hair stylist from Indiana, Nicolette Catanzarite, who Amy says Brooks cheated on her with. In an interview with Radar, she said, "My ex-husband has a history of cheating...I'm offended by adultery – it's not right."

He’s Had Serious Financial Problems

Brooks was previously a partner at a medical management firm, but not much has been written about his career since he moved to California. What has been written about is his previous money troubles.

In a leaked video (more on that later), Brooks admitted to being hard up for money due to owing $12,000 to the IRS and about $10,000 to his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend. He also said he had between $5,000 and $7,000 in credit card debt.

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He Won’t Be Getting Any Of Vicki’s Money if They Break Up

One smart decision Vicki's made while dating Brooks: locking him into a legal agreement that he's not entitled to any of her money. Maybe she's nervous given his background, or just spooked from having to pay her ex Donn after their divorce, but when Brooks moved in with Vicki, she had him sign away the right to any of her money, calling the agreement a "prenup without the nup."

brooks deadbeat
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Brooks Has Been Accused of Being a Deadbeat Dad

Some of that money trouble comes from child support Brooks allegedly failed to pay to the rumoured tune of $40,000.

Brooks was even the subject of a much-discussed segment on ABC's  20 / 20 about deadbeat dads, on which his ex Nicolette called him a con man, alleging he told her he had a vasectomy, then bailed on her and failed to pay child support when she got pregnant. "No birthday cards, no phone calls, no nothing," she says. (Watch the whole segment here.)

After the segment Brooks threatened legal action and 20 / 20 released a partial retraction, clarifying Brooks paid some bills and has been intermittently in contact with his son.

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He's Been Arrested Multiple Times

Brooks has quite the arrest record. He's been arrested multiple times for failing to pay child support and once for driving under the influence. According to Radar, Brooks was arrested back in 2009 in Florida. Yet another ex-girlfriend, Debbie Keane, told the site she bailed him out and he never paid her back.

It's not just jail, either: Brooks reportedly went to rehab for sex addiction in 2006 before he met Vicki.

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Vicki and Brooks May Be Lying About How Long They've Been Dating

Brooks' ex Debbie has also alleged that she met Vicki through Brooks in 2007, way before she was divorced from Donn in a suspect situation, insinuating there was something going on between the two of them.

Also suspicious: Vicki wrote a letter in to a judge in support of Brooks months before she filed for divorce from Donn, according to Radar.

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photo: Radar Online

Brooks Cheated on Vicki and Was Caught on Tape Talking About Sex with Prostitutes

In 2014, The National Enquirer released a videotape of Brooks talking about cheating on Vicki with "so many women he lost count." Even worse, he talked about sex with prostitutes. Speaking of his indiscretions, he said, “I’ve been known to cheat...Bottom line, it hurt Vicki to know even if we weren’t together that I f***ed somebody else.”

He Talked on Tape About Threatening to Beat Vicki

Radar Online released an even darker audio file than the Enquirer's video about the cheating scandal the previous year, on which Brooks is heard talking to Vicki's son-in-law about her. On the tapes, Brooks threated to "beat her ass...because I can (and) that’s what we do in the South.”

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