After five seasons on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow made a swift exit at the end of season 11.

She’d made no qualms about her distaste for fellow RHOC star Kelly Dodd, but the longtime Housewife leaving the show still came as a surprise to fans – at the time of her exit, Heather trailed only Tamra and OG Vicki for longevity on the show.

So, what has Heather been up to since leaving RHOC? She hasn’t quite reached Bethenny or Nene levels of post-Housewives success, but she’s got a bevy of projects on the go, plus a houseful of young kids and a handful of a husband, Terry, who turned Heather’s turn on Housewives into a launching pad for his own TV stardom, with shows like Botched and Good Work.

Here’s a look at Heather’s post-Housewives career.

She’s the host of her own podcast

Heather launched Heather’s World while she was still a Housewife, but since then the podcast has grown to be PodcastOne’s top rated female show, beating out the likes of The Bachelorette‘s Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Heather launched the podcast by having Shannon and Tamra on to air their grievances with Vicki – and to address claims they were all refusing to film with her. There’s little of that behind-the-scenes O.C. dirt on the show now, but Heather’s managed to build out a sizeable audience that sees her as a lifestyle expert, not just a former Housewife.

Her and Terry even launched a second podcast on the network inspired by their book, The Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig podcast.

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She’s become a YouTuber

Rather than making the rounds on second-tier reality shows like some other former Housewives (we saw you acting a mess on Marriage Bootcamp, Amber), Heather’s embraced digital platforms. Her YouTube series, Heather’s Closet, can be a little cringe-worthy, but let’s be honest: Heather’s fans have never minded a little cringe.

She appeared on Young & Hungry

Heather hasn’t altogether left TV. She returned to her acting roots for a guest role on Freeform’s Young & Hungry, and has continued to make appearances with Terry on Hollywood Today Live.

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She’s spending time with her family

Heather’s on-the-record reason for leaving RHOC was that she wanted to spend time with her family, and to her credit, she actually seems to be doing that. Her and Terry recently took the kids to Hawaii, and their summer included a trip to Universal Studios and the Museum of Ice Cream.

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She’s been showing off her hosting skills

Heather threw some pretty major parties on RHOC, and post-Housewives she’s put those skills to use for a series of videos doling out hosting tips for Evite (not to be confused with her similarly named skin care line for Evine).

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She still hasn’t shown off her mega mansion

What gives, Heather? All we heard about for two seasons was the mega mansion Heather was building with Terry. The sneak peeks were worthy of Architectural Digest! The most we’ve gotten are some Insta-glimpses and a string of closet tours. Not even her former O.C. pals have been invited inside.

Perhaps she’s holding out for the right time – or pay day – to show it off? Or maybe her reality TV enemy Jeff Lewis is right, and she and Terry are planning to quickly flip and sell.

Speaking of Jeff…

Her feud with Jeff Lewis is hardly over

Heather may have exited RHOC, but her feud with fellow reality star Jeff Lewis is raging on off-camera. A quick refresher: Jeff put Heather on blast for treating waitstaff poorly, while Heather claimed he’d body shamed her.

Jeff clearly isn’t letting the feud go any time soon. On a recent episode of Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, he promised he was far from done punishing her for slamming him.

“There’s one thing where there’s a little disagreement, but when you start to go on live television and spreading these nasty rumors about me, that’s when you insult my character, that’s when I come back,” he said.

Skip ahead to 1:27 below to hear what Jeff really thinks of Heather. He is not holding back. Not at all.