The Real Housewives is fertile soil for comedy.

The cast members are unwittingly hilarious and outlandish in their convictions, which has led to a string of very funny parodies.

From SNL to Hulu's Hotwives of Orlando, here are our seven favourite Real Housewives spoofs.

The Hotwives of Orlando

Of all the Housewives spoofs, Hulu's Real Hotwives of Orlando is the most realized. Styled after Burning Love's spoof of The Bachelor, the Hotwives of Orlando is more than a single sketch – Paramount Pictures took all the Housewives tropes and wove them into an entire series.

The best part: Kristen Schaal's hilarious (and devastating) portrayal of an alcoholic, drug-fuelled former child star, Amanda Summers.

The Fake Housewives of RuPaul's Drag Race

On this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul challenged the contestants to serve up their best Housewives impressions. Even better, he made them give themselves tape-on facelifts before filming their taglines.

The best part: Trixie Mattel's Housewives tagline – How do I sleep at night? Ask your husband.

Funny or Die's The Real Dragwives: Very Rich

Another Drag Race Housewives mashup: this Funny Or Die sketch featuring two former Drag Race contestants, Dida Ritz and Latrice Royale. While Funny Or Die couldn't secure the actual Housewives for a video, Dida and Latrice pull off a spot on recreation of one of Sheree and Nene's classic fights.

The best part: Latrice Royale delivering Nene Leakes' now-famous I AM RICH! line.

30 Rock's Queen of Jordan

queen of jordan

Back in 2011 TV fell further down its show-within-a-show rabbit hole when it dedicated an entire episode to the fictional Queen of Jordan, a Housewives-like show starring Tracey Jordan's wife on 30 Rock, Angie Jordan (played by Sherri Shepherd).

The best part: Sherri Shepherd playing professional "catchphrase-coiner." We'll take that with cheese!

SNL's The Real Housewives of Disney

real housewives of disney

When Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live in 2012, the show gave her the best role she's had since Mean Girls: a rage-filled Rupunzel. Though we were thrilled to see Lindsay take on the Housewives title (a personal dream of ours), she couldn't hold a candle to Kristen Wiig's drunk Cinderella (tagline: And I'm a f***ing mess).

The best part: Watching Housewives Princess Lindsey punch Housewives Princess Kristen in the face. (Watch the whole thing on Kristen Wiig's website.)

The Real Housewives of Late Night

One more from the world of late night: this Jimmy Fallon Show sketch about the wives of the men who work on Fallon. The men all play their own wives, including Jimmy, who's character is the mid-way point between Dina Manzo and Teresa Guidice.

The best part: The tagline "I'm pretty on the outside and dead on the inside."

Amy Phillips: 10 Housewives Impressions in 60 Seconds

Amy Phillips is the preferred Housewives spoofer of Watch What Happens Live. The show's YouTube channel is full of her Real Housewives impressions, but the best of them all is this video of Amy doing 10 impressions in just a minute.

The best part: Amy's impression of Heather – "Malibu Country, Malibu Country, Hot In Cleavland, champs!"