Vicki Gunvalson's love tank is full once again. After a tumultuous few years with Brooks Ayers, who was a controversial figure on The Real Housewives of Orange County to say the least,  Vicki has settled into what seems like a very happy relationship with Steve Lodge.

While we saw on RHOC that Steve has yet to officially change his address to Vicki's, the pair live together and are on the path to marriage – or at least Vicki hopes they are. And Steve seems to have won over Vicki's co-stars...even if Kelly thinks he's Vicki's b-tch.

But what about Vicki's ex's? Here's what Brooks and Donn have been up to since we last saw them on RHOC...

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Donn Gunvalson

After Vicki's 2014 split from Donn, who was by her side during her first eight seasons of RHOC, she famously said she regretted her decision to divorce him, telling Housewives head honcho Andy Cohen, "I think if I had to do it all over again, I would not have divorced Donn.I know that for a fact. In hindsight, if we could do things differently . . . He was a great man [and] great husband."

There were rumours Donn shut down Vicki's attempt at reconciliation, but he has mostly stayed silent about his famous ex-wife since their split and has kept a healthy distance from the spotlight. But that hasn't completely spared him from OC drama...

Earlier this month Donn paid a visit to North Carolina to visit Vicki's daughter Briana Culberson, her husband Ryan and their two boys, Troy and Owen. While Donn is not Briana's birth father (Vicki was previously married to Michael J. Wolfsmith, who is the father of both of her kids), he was her stepdad a father figure to her for most of her life and they seem to have maintained a close relationship despite his split from Vicki.

During the trip Ryan posted a photo of Donn with Briana and the kids, which promptly set Vicki off.

Vicki slid into the comment section, writing “Interesting how you always post photos of Donn there, but never me. Enjoy your visit!”


Ryan clapped back, “Please stop drunk posting drama on my page. This is a positive post not supposed to be anything negative towards you.”

Donn seemed to side step the drama, but Vicki's son Michael directly called him out, writing, "He sucked! He told me he loved me the day they got divorced, about 15 years after being my ‘dad.’”

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Brooks Ayers

Brooks beat Vicki down the aisle! In March the former OC star married a 41-year-old woman named Christy Groves Lindeman in Indianapolis. According to Page Six, the couple had a small ceremony attended only by family.  They'd been dating since November 2016.

Post-Vicki, Brooks told the paper he's living "drama-free" with his new wife in Mississippi, near his parents.

“I’ve never been happier. We’re doing fantastic," he said following his wedding. "It’s a true blessing. She’s an amazing woman. Both of our families and kids absolutely adore both of us.”

He said he hadn't spoken to Vicki in over a year and that she had not reached out after news of the wedding broke. When she finally did comment, on an episode of RHOC, Vicki was cutting, telling her hubby Steve she "pities the girl" he married.

The same month as his wedding, Brooks and Vicki finally agreed to settle a long-standing lawsuit related to their joint liquor venture, Vicki's Vodka, which they never managed to get off the ground. Though that legal battle is behind Brooks, as of last fall he was still tied up in a custody battle – he has been accused of owing $63,000 in child support.

The most baffling Brooks news of all? After famously forging medical records relating to his supposed cancer diagnosis, Brooks reportedly now works in the medical field distributing healthcare products to hospitals.