Canadians: it's time to go down under. The Real Housewives of Melbourne are finally set to make their debut in Canada.

The upper echelon of Aussie society ladies have caused a huge stir in their homeland and now they're ready to take over Canadian TV.

Who holds the Housewife title over on the other side of Pacific? Six women were cast in the debut season of RHOM. Here's what you need to know about each of them:


Gina Liano

Gina's a self-described drag queen – and it shows. Her look is over the top to the point of caricature, but Gina's not joking, like even a little bit. Not even when she shows up to lunch in head to toe pink or when she wears heels to play tennis.



Looks aside, Gina's actually pretty serious – she's a lawyer and she puts her debating skills to excellent use when defending herself against the other Housewives.

She's also something of a breakout star in Australia. Since the show debuted there, she's appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, the legendary Australian soap Neighbours and even tried her hand at theatre, playing the wicked stepmother in Cinderella.


Lydia Schiavello

Lydia's a long-time friend of Gina's, but we already know how that goes on Housewives: they'll be in a feud by mid-season. She's married to an architect and the Carol Brady to a blended family of three step-children and three children of her own.


She's also mega-rich. Like, not owns-a-jet rich, but takes-her-jet-to-buy-groceries rich. Seriously. Get ready to watch her fire up the engine and head out on what has to be one of the most expensive grocery runs ever this season when she and her husband take their private plane to their favourite cheese and produce shop.


Janet Roach

Janet gives us some serious Kylie Minogue vibes. She's a former party girl who married two club promoters and is now freshly single from her second marriage.


She's a property developer who serves full glamour at all times. She lives in a boutique hotel, isn't shy about her botox, never washes her hair at home (!) and sees her hair stylist three to four times a week.


Jackie Gillies

Thank Alison Dubois, The Real Housewives has finally blessed us with a full-time Housewives psychic. Plenty of psychics have stirred the pot on the show in the past in other cities, but Jackie is the first-ever psychic to earn the Housewife title. And her readings are definitely going to stir up trouble this season.


Jackie is the newest member of the RHOM clique, having just moved to Melbourne from New South Wales. She also has a close tie to fame: her husband Ben is in Silverchair (you remember Silverchair).


They totally use his VMA Moon Man award as a key holder.


Andrea Moss

Andrea's another Housewife who's husband is a plastic surgeon (Heather and Terry Dubrow, anyone?).


She's an ex-tennis coach who runs a skincare line called Liberty Belle with her husband. They have three kids...and five nannies.


Chyka Keebaugh

Dubbed "the social queen of Melbourne," Chyka runs a suite of catering and events companies with her husband of 23 years. The business, The Big Group, is one of the biggest privately owned catering and event companies in Australia.

Tune in to the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Melbourne on August 30 at 9e/p!