The Real Housewives of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas
  • Brandi Redmond
    Brandi Redmond
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    A former All-Star, Pro-Bowl and five-time Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Brandi has no problem cartwheeling her way into the Dallas drama. Brandi is not afraid to speak her mind, but her sense of humor and fun-loving attitude can sometimes rub the ladies the wrong way. On the heels of adopting baby Bruin, the Redmond residence is crazier than ever as Brandi struggles to connect with her eldest daughter who is approaching her terrible tweens. Constantly juggling the needs of her three children and husband Bryan, Brandi questions if she has room for more. Close
  • Kary Brittingham
    Kary Brittingham
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    Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Kary Brittingham is a self-proclaimed feisty female who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. Introduced to the ladies by D’Andra, she lives just down the street with her family. Fun and fabulous, she makes fast friends with these Dallas divas, but her relationship with LeeAnne gets off to a rocky start. Kary and her husband are both on their second marriage. Together they have they one daughter, and she has three children from her previous marriage. As they approach their ten-year anniversary, Kary yearns for more financial independence, but struggles to get her husband on board. Close
  • D'Andra Simmons
    D'Andra Simmons
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    Born and raised in Dallas, D'Andra Simmons is one of the crown jewels of the social scene who comes from a wealthy family with a prominent last name. She lives in the exclusive Highland Park neighborhood with her photojournalist husband, Jeremy. D'Andra’s life-long dream of taking over the family business isn’t going exactly the way she planned. To make matters worse, her fiery feud with former bestie LeeAnne turns into a cold war questioning if they’ll ever be able to mend broken fences. Close
  • Kameron Wescott
    Kameron Wescott
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    Growing up in Montecito, California, Kameron Westcott started her Texas life at Southern Methodist University where she met her husband Court. The Westcott name is extremely prominent in Dallas; they live in the exclusive neighborhood of Highland Park with their children, their Russian Bulldog, Chunk, and Kameron’s beloved Yorkie, Louis Vuitton. Kameron has an obsessive love for the color pink and has made her motto “Blonde by birth, pink by choice.” Kameron jumps into this season with a renewed sense of fun and fabulousness. But it’s not all fun and games for this blonde bombshell when a seemingly unforgivable faux pas from Brandi and Stephanie sends her into a fit over formalities. Close
  • LeeAnne Locken
    LeeAnne Locken
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    A far cry from a sweet, southern belle, LeeAnne Locken has a strong, spirited attitude and is no stranger to the spotlight. She grew up in the carnival circuit, landed in the Top 10 in the 1989 Miss USA Pageant, appeared in several television shows and movies, and now leads the efforts for many charitable organizations in Dallas. After ten years of dating Rich, LeeAnne is finally walking down the aisle and refuses to let anyone or anything rain on her impending nuptial parade. However, an unexpected betrayal and a shocking allegation threaten to set this bride off.

  • Stephanie Hollman
    Stephanie Hollman
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    Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, Stephanie Hollman resides in Dallas with her husband, Travis, and two young sons Chance and Cruz. After opening up about her struggle with depression, Stephanie continues to be more honest and true to herself this season, but not without complications. An unforeseen feud with an assumed ally threatens to bring her to her breaking point. Close