Hold onto your weaves, ladies, we're headed back to Atlanta.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns to Slice November 30 and in the words of the good sis Wendy Williams, season seven may well be "the most tasteless, rachet season ever." (That's a good thing!)

From Phaedra's husband getting locked up to the latest in the never-ending feud between Porsha and Kenya, plenty has happen since we last saw the RHOA Housewives.

We dug up dirt on the cast online and put the season trailer on repeat, keeping our eyes peeled for subliminal messages, in order to put together a preview of what's to come.

Here's a look at what to expect this season.

rhoa claudia

A new Housewife, Claudia

Claudia Jordan joins the cast this season, earning her peach after a career as a notable-but-not-super-famous TV and radio personality. Claudia was a model on Deal Or No Deal and, like several Housewives before her, she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

One more thing: she's besties with Kenya. And you know anyone who's besties with Kenya is at least a little crazy. As Wendy said on her show, “The two of them are just going to make Atlanta hellified.” We can’t wait.

rhoa porsha

A little less Porsha

While Claudia's earned a peach, Porsha's lost hers. Many mused it was because of her physical fight with Kenya at the last reunion, but Housewives head honcho Andy Cohen says that wasn't it. He claims she hadn't delivered enough of a storyline to merit a Housewives title.

She'll still be around as a friend of the show, and with her new TV gig and pop single, we bet we'll see plenty Porsha again soon.

rhoa kordell

The return of Kordell

Porsha may have been demoted, but we'll still be seeing her ex, Kordell. Maybe even more than last season since he's been hanging around with the Claudia. That's right: in the trailer, we see Kordell exchanging digits with the BFF of his ex's mortal enemy.

Thirsty as she is, Kenya's already calling Claudia “the next Mrs. Stewart.” And, listen, we expect that kind of thing from Kenya, but Kordell? Salty. You still pressed about those gay rumours, boo? Is that what this is about?

rhoa nene

Nene gets into it with Claudia

What, you thought Nene would let some friend of Kenya's roll in and help her yank Nene off her throne? Oh hell no. In the trailer, Nene calls Claudia a whore and says Hollywood “aint looking for her.”

The newbie’s not backing down though. She retorts, “Well, Atlanta is. That’s why you bothered.”

rhoa mama joyce

Todd still hasn’t made up with Mama Joyce

This old storyline again: Mama Joyce hates Todd. There’s more trouble in paradise for Todd and Kandi, even though they’re married and Kandi’s been busy buying him cars.

In the trailer, we see Todd still hasn’t received the apology he wants, but whatever. We love us some Mama Joyce. Just let her be her crazy self, Todd. Aint nothing changing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.46.53 PM

Cynthia still hasn’t made up with Nene, either

We figured these two would have worked things out by now, but that hasn't happened. In the trailer Cynthia and Nene go in each other again, and Cynthia thumbs her phone all, “Delete, erase, unfollow!”

Even after filming, the two still hadn't made up. On The Real, Nene dropped a flat “No” when asked if her and Cynthia have kissed and made up.

rhoa friendship contrac

Another friend contract is dead

More from the Nene / Cynthia saga: Cynthia burns up a friendship contract for the two in the trailer. This certainly isn't the first time we've seen this happen. The last time Cynthia drafted up a friendship contract she got called a crazy stalker.

Listen, Cynthia. Maybe enough already with the paperwork?

rhoa kenya phaedra

Phaedra’s coming for Kenya

Don't think Phaedra was going to let Kenya get away with tossing shade her way in the "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" video (or let Nene have all the coming-for-Kenya fun).

In the trailer Phaedra goes in on Kenya, all, “I called you a slut because if it look like a duck and quack like a duck, it’s a duck!"

Holy quack we can't wait for that fight.

rhoa apollo

Apollo thinks Phaedra had an affair

While we're on the Apollo topic: he's pretty sure Phaedra cheated on him. We see him driving with Peter in the trailer, telling him about it, then we see Kenya talking about "Chocolate," the African man Phaedra allegedly cheated with.

We're holding on out believing this one since the source of info seems to be Kenya, but part of us also really wants to believe. We mean, Chocolate? Who wouldn't want a RHOA scandal with that name in the mix?


Apollo totally loses it

As we recounted in our Wivesplainer on Phaedra and Apollo's divorce, Apollo caused a major scene in front of the cameras right before reporting for prison. The trailer offers a peak of just how heated things got.


This will be Kenya’s “season of redemption” (says Kenya)

Kenya recently claimed in a Perez Hilton interview that this will be her season of redemption, all, “This season there will be a lot of things revealed that vindicate me."

We'll believe it when we see it, Kenya. Now twirl, twirl, twirl!

rhoa nene 2

Nene is still HBIC

Kenya isn't the only one making the PR rounds ahead of the season. Nene rolled by The Real to do a few twirls of her own and remind everyone she's the only original RHOA Housewife left standing – and to refute the always-there rumours she's leaving the show.

As the co-host says, Nene’s the original HBIC of RHOA. She aint going anywhere! Not this season, hunty. “All these new girls that come, they come for me. They try to get me off my throne, but they aint goin do that!” she says with a wave of her fabulous finger.

Here's a look at the trailer:

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