Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Wolves At the Door

Divorcee Verna White is happily building a new life for herself and three daughters when she runs into old friend Gerald Lee. She spurns his advances but lends a friendly ear to his troubles. Over time, Gerald’s interest becomes obsessive and he begins stalking the young mother. One night, she’s at home with young Lana when a crazed Gerald smashes through the door. He rapes and viciously beats Verna, then pulls the trigger of his rifle…but it jams.

Gerald turns his attention to Lana. His plan is to assault and murder her – in front of her mother. With only her child’s safety in mind, Verna manages to send Lana upstairs before drawing Gerald into the kitchen. A long, deadly struggle ensues with a butcher’s knife. A divine strength comes over Verna but, after the attack, an exhausted Verna can barely call 911. According to local police, the crime scene is the bloodiest they’ve ever seen. It takes months, but with the help of her daughters, Verna recovers from her massive injuries.

Dale Wells is recently divorced and mending a broken heart when he falls for co-worker Denise Moss. She quickly moves in but starts making increasingly unreasonable demands for his attention. Within months, Dale is trapped in an abusive relationship. During one incident, police are called and Dale is finally able to kick her out. Dale thinks he’s finally safe, but Denise has another deadly plan in mind. She learns to shoot with a .357 magnum – one of the most deadly guns in the world – and returns to take her revenge. In plain view, she shoots him five times before turning the gun on herself. As he lies in a pool of blood, Dale’s will to live is motivated only by his children, and he confounds doctors by miraculously surviving the horrible assault.

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