Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Underground Terror

In the fall of 2006, Elizabeth Shoaf is a smart, bubbly 14-year-old with a bright future. But Elizabeth’s dreamy life becomes a nightmare when depraved madman, Vinson Filyaw, straps a bomb on her, and drags her to a filthy underground bunker deep in the South Carolina woods. After being brutally raped, Elizabeth is chained by her neck.

Elizabeth’s parents quickly notify authorities, who mount a massive manhunt. With search teams pacing directly over the bunker, Elizabeth learns that her captor is a sociopathic fugitive. And that she is a pawn in his elaborate plan to ambush local police. As the assaults continue, and her condition worsens, Elizabeth fights to maintain hope.

Elizabeth draws on a survival instinct beyond her young age. She placates Filyaw under horrifying conditions, and he becomes complacent. Her steely guile leads to a break in the case, and after 10 days, Elizabeth is finally rescued. But it’s her will to live and her incredible courage that makes the difference.

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