Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

The Devil You Know

Jessica Carbone, 27, is living a good life in West Palm Beach, Florida. Shortly after moving into an affluent gated community, her life is shattered when a deranged, machete-wielding maintenance man breaks in, viciously attacks and kidnaps her. A desperate escape attempt only further provokes Jessica’s attacker. Despite this, she maintains enough composure to plant incriminating evidence. But the longer the ordeal lasts, the more her life is endangered. Under increasingly brutal conditions, Jessica reasons with her machete-wielding captor, convincing him to leave her alive. Jessica’s insistence on living, on not giving in, allows her to survive disfiguring injuries, and to lead authorities to make an arrest. Several years later, Jessica is a victim rights advocate, and thoroughly enjoys the life she refused to surrender.

Inseparable cousins Tabitha Sells and Christy Carroll are leading quiet lives, happily working together at an auto shop in Greensboro, North Carolina. A normal business day is turned upside down, however, when they become the unsuspecting targets of a colleague’s insanely jealous wife. Fixated on avenging an imaginary affair her husband is supposedly having with Tabitha, Shelly Ratcliffe leads a grisly attack on the cousins, aided by her husband Junior Ratcliffe. Despite putting up a brave fight, Tabitha and Christy sustain life-threatening injuries and are stuffed in the trunk of a car, bound for certain death. They overcome the harrowing attack by leaning on each other and the desire to be reunited with their families.

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