Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Terror Beach

During the summer of 1991, a vicious sexual predator is terrorizing the beaches of San Diego. Unaware of the threat, 21-year-old Charisma Carpenter heads to Torrey Pines beach with friends Arthur and Aldo. A fun, late night swim turns into a terrifying fight for life when the unthinkable happens.

A masked man appears and, at gunpoint, orders Charisma to tie up her friends. She does as told, but leaves wiggle room. A death-defying struggle ensues. Arthur’s heroic act of bravery results in an improbable escape, but not before Aldo is critically injured, his life hanging in the balance. The attack leads police to the brazen rapist who has evaded countless attempts at capture, and his identity is a shocking discovery for San Diego police.

With help from other victims, Hollywood actress Charisma Carpenter tells the full story for the first time.

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