Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Out of Control

Years after leaving an abusive marriage, Wisconsin native Teri Jendusa has finally opened her heart to another man. And she is overjoyed to be pregnant. On January 31, 2004, Teri arrives at ex-husband David Larsen’s house to pick up her two daughters. She doesn’t realize she is walking into a deadly trap.

Within moments, she is brutally attacked, stuffed into a garbage bin, and thrown in back of a pick-up truck. Driving through the freezing cold, Teri bravely struggles to stay conscious as she desperately calls 911. Her shocking ordeal becomes a frantic race against time for police. And while she is ultimately rescued from within an inch of losing her life, she suffers unspeakable lasting consequences.

Then, Pennsylvania elementary school principal Norina Bentzel experiences her own brush with an out-of-control psychopath when machete-wielding William Stankewicz arrives at her school in a homicidal rage. During an extended, vicious physical struggle, the fearless 5’ 2” dynamo puts her own life on the line in order to shield her young students from his assault. 

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