Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Nobody’s Victim

Late at night on November 3, 1984, suicidal Florida teen Lisa McVey is heading home to end her life. But as she leaves work, a notorious serial killer terrorizing the Tampa area abducts her at gunpoint. While police mount one of Florida’s biggest-ever manhunts, it is the 17-year-old’s reawakened survival instinct that will make the difference in the case. 

Despite enduring brutal defilement, Lisa blocks out the pain – something she has learned to do growing up in an abusive home. She takes note of her surroundings and secretly plants evidence in her attacker’s apartment. She also befriends her abductor. Lisa’s courageous efforts miraculously pay off when she is unexpectedly freed.

Lisa’s steely resolve and vivid recounting of her capture catches investigators off-guard. They are initially skeptical and Lisa starts to feel hopeless again. But when her incredible recall leads to an arrest, she is hailed as a hero. And police make it up to Lisa by rescuing her from an abject home life.

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