Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Money, Madness and Murder

Sheila Dates and her inseparable adult daughter, Regina, are living a quiet life in Jonesboro, Georgia when they are taken hostage by a greedy couple desperate for an easy score. Targeted because of her job at a check-cashing store, Sheila is driven at gunpoint to the store while Regina is held, bound and gagged, at home. But after handing over the money, she is strangled to within an inch of her life with a phone cord. Sheila barely survives, but pulls through due to sheer determination and overwhelming worry for her daughter. But she lives only to learn of Regina’s tragic fate. Once again, Sheila must summon enough courage to overcome her grief, and honor the memory of her beloved daughter by helping others who have suffered similar atrocities.

Elizabeth is enjoying a successful career as a realtor in central Florida when she falls for a warm and outgoing colleague. A few years later, though, she ignores the signs of their disintegrating marriage. When her increasingly unstable husband loses his job, he becomes jealous of Elizabeth’s growing accomplishments and six figure salary. He lashes out with a series of bizarre and intimidating stunts. Elizabeth does all she can to protect herself – even transforming her home into an alarmed fortress. Tragically, nothing can stop her estranged husband’s psychotic rage. In the dead of night, he smashes his way into Elizabeth’s home with an axe, intent on killing her.  She is horrifically beaten, but somehow summons the willpower to recover. She’s now devoted to helping other victims of domestic abuse overcome similar denial. 

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