Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Home Invasion

Marcela and Reubens Borges are hardworking parents enjoying a prosperous suburban life in central Florida. But their peaceful existence is shattered in November 2009 when a ruthless gang invades their home. Unable to meet the gang’s demands for big money, the couple and their young son, Ryan, are kidnapped.

For the next three days, the Borges are held at gunpoint, their house is ransacked, and the little money they do have is brazenly liquidated. They are intimidated, threatened, and beaten. Reubens is subjected to a terrifying game of Russian roulette. But worst of all, the homicidal captors repeatedly put a gun to little Ryan’s head.

As the death threats escalate, and with Reubens now incapacitated, Marcela heroically takes matters into her own hands, attacking the ringleader with a kitchen knife. When she is overwhelmed and brutally punished, Marcela knows her family is facing imminent death unless she can finish the job. Her brave escape ultimately saves her family’s lives.

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