Surviving Evil

Surviving Evil

Episode Description

Bound and Determined

In broad daylight, on April 20, 1998, a crack addicted predator sneaks into Debbie Puglisi’s suburban Delaware home as she gardens. He shoots her husband Nino, and then viciously abducts Debbie. At her captor’s house, she suffers unimaginable, humiliating atrocities.

Bound and gagged, Debbie overhears news reports of her husband’s death. She also learns she is a prime suspect. At the same time, police are entirely unable to advance the case. In worsening condition, Debbie prepares to die. Then, unexpectedly, the sadistic junkie’s demeanor softens just enough to give her a glimmer of hope.

In order to survive, Debbie must share horrifically intimate quarters with her husband’s killer. But she is also emboldened by thoughts of her two children. With her kidnapper at work, Debbie overcomes paralyzing fear to free herself of restraints in order to call 911. She is finally rescued, but will never escape the haunting memory of her 101 hours of terror. 

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