Summer House

Summer House
  • Carl Radke
    Carl Radke
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    Carl is an outgoing, energetic guy who is always up for an adventure. He currently works as a consultant for GLO, a therapeutic whitening start-up based in New York City. He is producing short films and continues to be an active partner in two popular New York City lounges, The Lately and Kind Regards. This summer, Carl finds himself living in the house with two of his exes. He is always looking to have a good time but can get out of control and isn’t always upfront with his intentions, causing his roommates to question his character. Close
  • Danielle Olivera
    Danielle Olivera
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    Danielle has been spending summers out east for a long time, but now this fun-loving Puerto Rican girl from Hoboken is turning things upside down. She’s leaving her usual shared house and accepting Kyle’s invitation to join him and his friends. Danielle is a flirty, self-proclaimed "guy’s girl" who is always ready to party. However, she's very cautious about the girls she lets into her inner circle. She and Carl have a romantic past that has the potential to flare up, which could be unsettling for some of the houseguests. Close
  • Amit Neuman
    Amit Neuman
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    Amit is the new guy in the house this summer and is friends with Carl, with whom he shared a house at Coachella. He recently quit a job in corporate insurance, traveled the world, and then moved back home to New York City. Amit is an entrepreneur with a few start-ups in the works. After taking the time for reflection and self-discovery, he is a single, and is just looking to have a good time this summer. The question is...with whom? Close
  • Amanda Batula
    Amanda Batula
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    Amanda is a hardworking, career-driven senior graphic designer and art director who loves the Hamptons for relaxing and having good times with friends. After a year of dealing with Kyle’s shenanigans, they’ve officially reached relationship status and have decided to spend the summer together. Although Kyle has come a long way, it can be argued he hasn’t come far enough, and Amanda wants proof he can prioritize what’s really important. Meanwhile, she has grown close with Kyle’s friends but still wants to find her own voice and identity within the group. Close
  • Kyle Cooke
    Kyle Cooke
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    Kyle is a "man-olescent" at heart, perfectly content with being the life of the party, but on the heels of turning 35 and officially in a relationship with Amanda, he might actually consider settling down. Kyle is an entrepreneur who is preparing to launch FENIX, a nutrition app that he’s been working on for a year.

    He has poured all of his money into the app so is at great personal risk if it fails. But he lives for the summer weekends, when he can let loose...and hope that his hard-partying ways won’t ruin his chances at a future with Amanda and a successful launch of his start-up. Close
  • Lauren Wirkus
    Lauren Wirkus
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    Although she hails from Southern California, naturally outgoing Lauren has been a fearless New Yorker for the past seven years. Always down for a good time, Lauren is single after having a fling with Carl that lasted well past the summer, but the sexual pull between them lingers, causing tension. And then there's her oldest sister’s impending wedding, which has amped up the pressure on Lauren to find a suitable date. With her twin sister, Ashley, spending fewer weekends in the house, Lauren is on a journey of self-discovery and considers whether it’s time to focus on finding a husband or new entrepreneurial opportunities. Close
  • Lindsay Hubbard
    Lindsay Hubbard
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    Lindsay is the ultimate alpha female and makes no apologies for it. She is the president of Hubb House Public Relations, which has grown tremendously in the past year. After her move-in with Everett. last fall, they had a tumultuous breakup, and she got her own swanky bachelorette pad. With the drama of her family relationship still looming over her head, she has a long way to go to find her true self. She is ready to hit the town out east as a newly single woman and see what else is out there! Close
  • Stephen McGee
    Stephen McGee
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    Every house needs someone who shakes things up and doesn’t care what people think, and Stephen McGee fits that bill. During the week, he works as an event planner for luxury brands and socialites, but as soon as the clock strikes noon on Friday, he makes his way out to live it up on the East End. Coming from Alabama, Stephen is struggling with how to fit his conservative family into his personal life since coming out. He hopes to find love this summer but really is on a quest to find himself. Close
  • Ashley Wirkus
    Ashley Wirkus
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    Newly married, fun-loving, and always outspoken, Ashley has officially moved to San Diego with her husband, Brad. This summer is a challenge for her as it is the first time she is not spending every weekend with her twin sister and friends out east. She’s adjusting to this major life change and building her future, and she is now opening her upscale clothing resale store, Uptown Cheapskate. Close