Stir up some spiked sweat tea, it's time to head back to Charleston.

We're just days away from the premiere of Southern Charm and a whole lot has happened since we last saw our favourite spoiled southern belles and pretty-bro playboys.

To prepare for the season, we've been creeping all the cast members on Instagram and catching up on the gossip blogs. We even read the Charleston City Paper!

Here's what to expect on this season of Southern Charm:

Photo: via Bravo

Photo: via Bravo

A NEW CAST MEMBER: Landon Clements

There’s a new girl in Charleston: Landon Clements. Landon’s a Georgia peach, not a Charleston native. She moved to town for college, where she met Shep. From the looks of it, her and Shep have a brother-sister relationship, not a romantic one. For the past few years Landon’s been in L.A. working as an interior designer, but she’s returned to Charleston after her divorce from her self-proclaimed ‘James Bond Brit’ ex-husband.

Photo: via Instagram

Photo: via Instagram


Expect to see a lot more Kathryn this season. After stirring up trouble by spending the night with most of the male cast – and having a baby with Thomas – Kathryn has been promoted to full-time cast member this season. Kathryn wound up in the center of all of last season’s drama despite being just a friend of the cast, so we can only imagine what she’ll bring to the table this year as a full time Southern Charmer.


Charleston’s resident baddie Jenna King is out this year on Southern Charm. As it turned out, she wasn’t a resident of Charleston at all – Jenna had been gone from town for years and left soon after production wrapped on season one. After the show Jenna faced scrutiny from the press that the life she presented on TV was a “carefully constructed sham,” including allegations she never lived in or owned the home she filmed in.


On season one, Cameran never so much as talked about her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Jason Wimberly, a doctor who lives in Charleston. But between season one and two the pair got married in an outdoor ceremony that came as a big surprise to fans of the show. When will we get to meet Jason? Probably not any time soon – word is Cameran plans to keep her life with Jason separate from the life she leads on the show. She’s not totally covering the marriage up, though. In the trailer we hear her talk to a friend about how Jason’s “daddy clock is ticking,” so maybe we’ll soon have another Southern Charm baby.

sc s2 5

Photo: via Facebook


Speaking of babies, season one of Southern Charm ended with a postscript clip that revealed Kathryn really was pregnant all along and the baby belongs to Travis (we think). Expect to see the two struggle to make it work as a new family this season as well as some screen time for their new baby, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel.

Photo: via Facebook

Photo: via Facebook


Thomas was on the campaign trail during the filming of season two, trying to unseat Republican senator Lindsey Graham. Though he has a history in politics and comes from a storied political family, the run was always a long shot given his jail time and new life as a reality TV star. In the words of Cameran, he didn’t have a “snowball's chance in hell."

While the run was moot (spoiler: he didn’t win), it’s sure to have provided plenty of fodder for Southern Charm, including a storyline we get a sneak peek at in the trailer. T-Rav filmed a political ad featuring a bunch of scantily clad dancing women, much to the annoyance of his new baby mama, Katheryn.

sc s2 7

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No surprises here: there’s already trouble in paradise for Kathryn and T-Rav. In the trailer, we see Kathryn chasing Thomas down the pier barefoot in a fur coat shouting, “I’m not letting you leave me!”

Even more suspicious: T-Rav has been absent from Kathryn’s Instagram since November. Before that, there were plenty of photos of the two together. There’s already been murmurs of a breakup in the Charleston papers, so expect to see the relationship go through the wringer this season.


One of the potential hurdles for Kathryn and T-Rav? More cheating allegations, which we see in the trailer. According to Cameran, Kathryn and Craig spent the night together at the beach. The jury’s out on what happened, but if we learned anything from season one of Southern Charm, it’s that rumours around Charleston (and ones about Kathryn especially) have a history of being rooted in the truth.

Tune in to the premiere of #SouthernCharm Season 2 on Tuesday, March 31 at 10pm ET!

Here’s a full look at the trailer:

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