Southern Charm: Savannah

Southern Charm: Savannah
  • Catherine Cooper
    Catherine Cooper
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    Catherine has had quite the year: she left her job, moved out of her studio apartment and into her parent’s home on Isle of Hope and after shutting down Lyle's attempted proposal, has put her relationship in an extremely volatile state. Although happily ensconced in her new luxury 3-bedroom apartment in downtown Savannah, will this be enough of a clean slate to start working through these recent life changes? Catherine is not the only one confused when it comes to Lyle, their mutual friends are beginning to grow tiresome of their on-again/off-again relationship. But one thing is evident; Catherine can no longer rest on her laurels. She will have to do some heavy soul searching in order to move forward. Close
  • Daniel Eichholz
    Daniel Eichholz
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    Daniel has become passionate about making a name for himself, leaving the family business and striking out on his own. With his mind fully set on his brand new startup, Daniel has been skipping out on the Savannah bar scene and opting for quieter sober nights at home. But Daniel is fighting some personal battles and finding out that his family may not fully support his new entrepreneurial spirit. In his quest to find peace, he may find that his biggest obstacle lies within himself. Close
  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson
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    Hannah is coming up on a milestone year and ready to celebrate the big 3-0 with a bang! She’s busy juggling the demands of her corporate career all while pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams of launching her eponymous dress line. While her professional life is moving full speed ahead, her personal life is not. She and Louis have been dating 5 years now, but the future of their life together in Savannah is uncertain. Hannah feels their relationship has taken a back seat to Louis’ own business venture, JL The Brand, and he’s struggling to make her feel like a priority. Hannah will have to decide if he’s worth the wait or if thirty is the start of a whole new chapter. Close
  • Louis Oswald
    Louis Oswald
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    Louis has adopted the mantra "work hard, play harder," which means that during the day he is hustling on sales calls and coming up with new designs but when the sun sets, he's at the bar going Full Lou. Louis' hope is to take the JL the Brand to the next level in order to fulfill his image of the perfect Savannah lifestyle. However, his focus on success has put Hannah on the backburner. As he prepares to hit the road and host one of the biggest trunk shows in the nation, things turn rocky at sea when his relationship with Hannah is put to the test during a group trip to Turks and Caicos. Close
  • Lyle Mackenzie
    Lyle Mackenzie
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    After last year's failed attempt at proposing to Catherine, who rejected him before he could even get down on one knee, Lyle is slowly starting to realize that it is finally time to decide if he is willing to wait around for Catherine to figure out her life or if he should move on. The two are still in an undefined relationship although they rarely spend one-on-one time together. Louis seems to have lost all respect for Lyle and has no problem telling him to his face that being strung along by Catherine is pathetic. Close
  • Hagood Coxe
    Hagood Coxe
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    Hagood is the true meaning of a modern Renaissance woman. This soon-to-be sake entrepreneur comes from a tradition southern family in South Carolina. Hagood is part of a family estate that owns the largest rice plantation in South Carolina that spans back 5 generations. As she plans to launch her own brand of sake using her family's rice, she is conflicted about disappointing her parents. Hagood is also a talented scientific illustrator with a completed Bachelor's degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. Although Hagood is a great painter, her passion lies elsewhere, and is trying to figure it out as she emerges herself with the new group of friends. Close
  • Brandon Branch
    Brandon Branch
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    Brandon was born and raised on a farm in the deep South, but he's been decorating, polishing and enhancing his surroundings as far back as he can recall. He currently resides in a historic townhouse in downtown Savannah with his husband, Jim, where the power couple often hosts elaborate dinner and cocktail parties for their elite group of friends. Brandon runs his own interior design firm and has several high-end clients in the upper echelon of Savannah society. He's no stranger to ruffling feathers and speaking some harsh truths, but he always comes from a good place and is a master at navigating this town and its social politics. Close