Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Steph and Chad

Bride Steph has always dreamed of having a glamorous high end wedding however because of her notoriously cheap groom, her wedding dreams are turning into a planning nightmare! Groom Chad is a cheapskate-plain and simple and has been known to keep tabs on the amount of toilet paper she uses! Everyone knows that a big vision means big bucks. When a bride who is a classic over spender is paired with a groom who is super stingy, sparks are sure to fly.

With their wedding day swiftly approaching, wedding planner Angelique Sobschak will have a front row seat trying to keep both bride and groom happy on this bumpy budget ride.

Planner: Angelique Sobschak
Contact #: Toll Free 1-866-682-9270

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