Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Melanie and Mike

Bride Melanie and groom Mike are a match made in heaven but when their competing desires to impress guests staying on budget is becoming a far off dream. Working in the wedding industry made Melanie feel the pressure to have a picture perfect trend-setting event, Mike on the other hand considers the wedding as his excuse to throw the biggest party ever!

Melanie doesn’t care about how much money she spends on décor or her dress, while Mike is willing to drop their entire life savings into booze and having a nightclub worthy atmosphere!

Despite their best efforts, wedding planning duo Laura and Kelly will surely be in over their heads trying to get the bride and groom on the same page and making sure their budget doesn’t get tossed aside like yesterday’s news!

Planners: Laura Atendido & Kelly Spinelli
Company Name: Laura Kelly Wedding Design
Contact #: 416.949.3420

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