Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Juliette and Brian

Bride Juliette and groom Brian are planning a wedding that is all about shoes!! The deeper the couple becomes ensconced in putting together their big day, the more excited Juliette becomes about the theme and the more money Brian realizes she wants to spend. With a bride whose love of shoes is pushing up the budget and a groom trying to curb their impending debt, one thing is certain; the couple will have to tip toe around some financial stumbling blocks as they walk down the path to the altar.

Will Wedding Planner David Vallee be in over his head trying to bring Juliette’s shoe theme to life while keeping her feet and budget firmly planted on the ground or will he watch them sink into murky debt filled waters?

Planner: David A. Vallee
Company: Hearth & Garden at Campbell
House Tel:416-597-0542

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