Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Sandy works for a power authority researching alternative energy sources. She’s vegetarian, an environmental studies graduate and determined that her wedding will be an eco-friendly affair. But just how ready is the wedding industry for a bride like Sandy? Her fiancé, Jason who eats meat and loves his car has agreed to go along with Sandy’s vision… in principle but still wants a wedding that isn’t more costly than it would normally be. Enter Wedding Planner Heidi Allen, whose recent research into green weddings has made her an enthusiast – perhaps even more so than Sandy! Will this wedding be as environmentally friendly as Sandy wants it to be? And will she blow her budget making sure she gets it exactly the way she wants it?

Planner: Heidi Allen
Company Name: Weddings Heidi Style
Contact #: 905-682-9191

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