Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

I Want Gerberas!

Rob and Amy dream of a sylvan outdoor wedding chalked with vivid colours and untraditional touches. Their wedding planner, Yvette Shier, has her own ideas of what a wedding should be, even if the budget is getting stretched. Untraditional touches are not exactly what Yvette envisions. The groom is tense—and with good reason—he is waiting for a divorce to be finalized! The bride can't find her dress and there is a rainstorm. Rain is supposed to be a harbinger of good luck at a wedding, but will this wedding come up daisies?

Wedding Planner: Yvette Shier
Company: Champagne Wishes by Yvette Shier
Tel: 416-967-3340

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