Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Fighting Form

Roxanne and Laz are trying to plan their wedding but their constant fighting is getting in the way. Laz is the financial gatekeeper when it comes to things Roxanne wants for the wedding. Roxanne is stressed out constantly struggling to keep within the budget but also trying to squeeze in all the elements that are important to her. With Roxanne attempting to do DIY projects to save money but getting no help from her lazy groom and Laz who’s willing to ‘up’ the budget only when it comes to the bells and whistles he wants, will this couple ever get on the same page long enough to make it down the aisle? Wedding Planner Heidi Allen has her hands full mediating the budget battles of this feuding couple.

Planner: Heidi Allen
Company Name: Weddings Heidi Style
Contact #: 905-682-9191

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