Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Dominique and Tim

Bride Dominique and groom Tim both moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to the big city San Francisco and are looking forward to hosting a wedding to wow all of their out of town guests. This stylish bride’s number one mandate is to pull off a creative masterpiece that only looks like it cost her a million bucks!

To help, she has assigned two of her best friends, the opinionated “fashionistas” Eric & Jimmy! Tim often feels left out of the creative process but is determined to keep the three of them on budget and is hoping to have a solid ally in wedding planner Heidi Allen.

One thing is certain; Heidi will have her hands full making sure Dominique is happy with the end result, Tim’s gets his voice heard and Eric and Jimmy don’t influence the bride to the point of bankruptcy!

Planner: Heidi Allen
Company Name: Weddings Heidi Style
Contact #: 905-682-9191

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