Rich Bride Poor Bride

Rich Bride Poor Bride

Episode Description

Amy and Tyler

Bride Amy and her football obsessed groom Tyler are joined together through two children and are now making it official! Amelia has been working very hard to save her hard earned money for the wedding. Tyler on the other hand is spontaneous and the type of groom who wants his day to be fun and entertaining – like a football game or tailgate party. His obsession for the game is driving every decision he makes no matter the cost. Now that they are about to throw themselves into the thick of planning, Amy is very nervous that her wedding is going to look like a tacky football game and their budget will be fouled before the first quarter!

One thing is certain; wedding planner Karina Lemke will have her hands full playing referee and dealing with the financial penalties of a couple tackling two very different visions as she helps them score a touchdown on the path to happily ever after.

Planner: Karina Lemke
Company: Posies Flower Shop & Event Architect
Contact #: 416-588-9061

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