• Shepard "Shep" Rose
    Shepard "Shep" Rose
    Shep Rose was bestowed the nickname 'RelationShep' in the year 2003 A.D., for he was ensnared in a whirlwind romance that dramatically changed his priorities and behavioural tendencies. Although not fully domesticated, Mr. Rose for once, cared about someone other than himself. But alas, nothing lasts forever. Like a phoenix from the ashes, he returned to his usual tomfoolery, debauchery, and patently asinine comradery. This persisted for many years.

    Being single was easy, having to only answer to himself was incredibly clean and simple. But, he has a reoccurring thought from time to time, "Something is missing." But what could it be? He appears to have it all: height, a wonderful family, a great group of friends and he's also tall. How could a freewheeling, peripatetic bachelor yearn for anything more? Perhaps the late nights and non-committal relationships have him wondering what it all means, and indeed harkens the realization that "something is missing." Or more pointedly, someone is missing. Perhaps if a man loses his autonomy, he can actually win self-respect, inner peace, and the love and trust of another human being. Mr. Rose is starting to ponder these philosophical life questions.

    Has he been riding alone on the prairie for too long? Scanning the horizon for green pastures and disreputable saloons? Has life passed Mr. Rose by? He'd answer, "Of course not, for the average life expectancy for an American Male is 78.74 years." Mr. Rose is 37, with many miles left on the trail. He seeks change, to stop passing the buck and perhaps show himself and those around him that he is capable of hanging up the old saddle and settling down with a lovely lass.