Real Estate Wars

Real Estate Wars
  • John McMonigle
    John McMonigle
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    John McMonigle is the "head honcho" when it comes to the real estate industry in Orange County. Named one of the most influential men in Orange County, his world-renowned real estate status and leadership skills has brought him to the top and he is not looking down. McMonigle and his team have made history over the past 10 years by selling properties totaling more than $6.1 billion. John lives an unapologetic life of luxury. John has the motivation to get the job done to the very best of his ability and after being named Wall Street Journal’s #1 agent for five years in a row, he is on a path to greatness. Close
  • Drew D’Angelo
    Drew D’Angelo
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    Drew D'Angelo is a well-respected spit-fire in the real estate industry. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Newport Beach, Drew’s stepfather and best friend, mentored Drew from a young age - showing him the "ropes" of real estate development. Drew has advanced and built his brand and reputation through 17 years of experience. He has now brought his real estate experience to The McMonigle Team and his strong contributions grounded in faith and expertise will lead the way. Drew is married with three children and resides in Orange County. Close
  • Hunter Fedden
    Hunter Fedden
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    Hunter Fedden, aka "The Wunderkind," may be the youngest member of the team at 24-years-old, but he’s determined to prove he is the MVP. Hunter starting from the bottom and has already begun paving his own way in the industry. He has accomplished more than most his own age, but looks to John McMonigle as his mentor because he believes that John is the "best realtor in the world," and aspires to follow in his footsteps. Hunter grew up in Orange County, with humble beginnings which has made him work even harder to reach his goal of selling $50 Million in real estate this year. Close
  • Leo Goldschwartz
    Leo Goldschwartz
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    Leo Goldschwartz is an ambitious real estate agent whose goal has always been to help people. With the support of the community, Leo combines his success in the luxury real estate market with his mission of philanthropy. Leo has built his entire business helping clients achieve their financial goals. He also works hard to balance his hectic work life with his personal life. When Leo isn’t working, he explores nature with his wife and two children. Close
  • Hoda Hajirnia
    Hoda Hajirnia
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    Growing up in a family of highly successful real estate investors, Hoda learned the fundamentals of real estate at a very young age. Hoda has always had a driven mindset having worked in the newsroom a for a top network television station where she has gained a wealth of business knowledge. Hoda has combined her dedication and experience both in real estate and entertainment to make a giant footprint in the luxury real estate market. Hoda has already closed multi-million dollar deals with only months of experience in the industry. Close
  • Jojo Romeo
    Jojo Romeo
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    Jojo Romeo is a “no-nonsense” businesswoman, who has closed more than 400 million in real estate sales since 2011. Her quick thinking and negotiating skills keeps her among the list of top 100 agents of Orange County. She also has a flair for interior design and feng shui which gives her an edge on the competition and her record sales are indicative of her talent. Jojo is a proud mother of five children ranging from ages 10 to 25. Close
  • Spyro Kemble
    Spyro Kemble
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    Spyro Kemble lives the high life as a broker in Orange County, and is unapologetic when it comes to his business. He comes from a prosperous family and after attending UCLA where he studied economics while also wrestling, he decided to pursue real estate. Spyro has yearly sales that gross over $50 million dollars but he still manages to spend time hanging out with his beloved dog Apollo and recharging at his vacation home in the Greek Isles. Spyro is also the President of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors and an active philanthropist serving as a volunteer board member for the WIN foundation, a nonprofit outreach organization seeking to help women. Close
  • Kylie McCollough
    Kylie McCollough
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    Kylie McCollough is a world traveler, real estate entrepreneur, mother, wife, and nationally ranked fitness competitor. A "superwoman" in every sense of the word, she resides in the most coveted neighborhood in Orange County and lives the life of luxury. Kylie is a perfectionist when it comes to her life and also her career as a successful real estate agent. With a marketing background, and a client base that includes the elitist community of yachting aficionados to America’s Cup Teams, Kylie’s at the top of her game. Close
  • Eliisa Stowell
    Eliisa Stowell
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    Eliisa Stowell lives by the mantra "leadership, integrity, results." She knows how to build strong relationships with her clients and that is her secret weapon. Eliisa is a mother of two and an empty-nester that is getting back into the dating pool. She is a determined agent that is focused on the ultimate reward. Eliisa always likes to throw fun in the mix of her busy days and with her annual sales of approximately $35 million, she has no plans of stopping. Close
  • Kacey Taormina
    Kacey Taormina
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    Kacey Taormina is a highly competitive negotiating queen. She prides herself with carefully balancing her commitment to her family with a thriving career. Kacey received a business degree from Boston University and then worked her way into the real estate industry by initially managing her family's Orange County property portfolio. Kacey has a daily workout regimen that she never misses and refuses to take no for an answer. Kacey’s mogul status is on its way to completion. Close