Episode Description

Sarah D.

Princess Sarah D. is a doe-eyed 23 year old who spends money with lavish abandon on clothing, accessories and spa trips, all in the name of beauty. Unfortunately for everyone around her – especially her boyfriend and younger sister Sam – Sarah’s paltry income isn’t enough to support her lifestyle. Sarah’s requests for cash handouts are now demands, making her spending problem clear to everyone around her. But Sarah’s obsession with materialism blinds her to the fact that all the manicures and handbags in the world won’t get her what she really craves: confidence and self-worth.

Enter financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade, who challenges Sarah to explore a deeper, more independent side of herself. As Sarah works her way through Gail’s challenges, the question remains: is she capable of  standing on her own two feet, instead of acting like a child to get what she wants from those around her?

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