Episode Description


25 year old Princess Nicole’s fiscal problems have become a major issue for everyone in her life. Her mom bails her out every month. Her younger sister hides her credit card because Nicole won’t stop pestering her to use it. But the one most affected by this Princess’ self-centred spending is her 9-year old daughter Keowa. Keowa spends most of her time at Grandma’s, who ensures that Keowa has enough to eat. Keowa misses her mom and wishes she spent more time at home, but Nicole is too busy shopping and partying to notice either her daughter, or her debt – almost $15,000.

Fiercely independent, Nicole simply won’t listen to criticism or advice. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade gets the tough job of being the bad guy when it comes to delivering the harsh reality of a complete financial cut off to wake up this defiant Princess.

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