Episode Description


At only 21 years old, Neelam’s alienating family and friends with her cavalier attitude towards money and debt. She dreams of a glamorous career in television or fashion, preferably in front of the camera, but isn’t interested in the hard work it’s going to take to get there. In the meantime, Neelam works in debt collections – an industry she’s very familiar with since she has thousands of dollars of outstanding bills in collections herself. Now her debt is preventing Neelam from advancing in her career, but with no idea of how to reach the lofty goals she’s set for herself, Neelam’s stuck and shopping to fill the void.

Neelam’s parents are tearing themselves apart, wondering where they went wrong when it came to raising their daughter. Gail Vaz-Oxlade needs to show these parents that by cutting the cord, they can allow Neelam the freedom she needs to finally figure things out for herself.

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